About Us

I have always been easily overwhelmed by “millions” of product choices out there. I would dive into the cyber ocean of online shopping and spend hours pointlessly wandering through pages in search of trendy jewelry and accessories.

It has become my mission to bring you fashion-forward designs and easy-to-love collections. I want to ensure that any girl is able to find sexy, trendy, effortless styles to incorporate in her casual or dressy outfits.

Gems & Peaches offer bohemian, animalistic, floral-inspired and classic collections which include fabulous cluster rings, edgy wrap bracelets, to-die-for necklaces and stunning earrings. All the collections are influenced by my passion for the beachy, outdoorsy lifestyle, my obsession with peach pastries and long bike-rides along the shore.

My goal is to always bring the best quality products and customer experience. If you have any feedback, suggestions, issues or questions about your order, please, don't hesitate to email: gemsandpeaches@gmail.com