New Boho Style Jewelry Trends... What are they?

The term "bohemian" or "boho" is used to describe a particular style of individuality in regards to clothing and accessories; it can also be in regards to lifestyle and mannerism. Bohemian style is about being artistic, creative, minimalist, calm and peaceful. 

The Bohemian style was very common in the 1960s and 1970s, when free and loving hippies were all about peace and travelling. Bohemian style jewelry commonly carries the themes relating to nature such as flowers, feathers, and animals. There is also often a splash of color to make it look more interesting and exciting.

Bohemian jewelry

This type of jewelry is all about ease. It is the type of casual style that you can never go wrong with. Accessories always add the finishing touches to an outfit and bohemian jewelry aims to achieve that goal perfectly. At the heart of it, bohemian jewelry is an attitude with a whimsical touch and the possibilities that you can explore with it are endless.

Several fashion designers have now taken the initiative to romanticize the idea of bohemian jewelry and have altered it into a chic new trend for the season. As a result of which it is no longer looked down upon, as was the case previously, but it has become a new and revived trend. 

 Boho chic

The best way to describe this style is slightly hippie and romantic. It sets the theme of youth and freedom. That resembles the various festival styles of the 60’s and the 70’s.
Boho chic usually includes flower themes, and leathery duffel bags and decorative body tattoos that look absolutely gorgeous. Moreover, boho chic rings, bracelets and necklaces are a focus of every runway this season, not only does it make you look beautiful and romantic but also your look will be trendy and on point.


the group of girls wearing bohemian outfits

Boho chic is usually the most common and preferred style for Coachella, as it is very fashion-forward and fits the theme of Coachella perfectly with light colored clothes perfect for the summer and bold jewelry perfect to set the mood of the festival.

Boho beach

Beautiful model in boho bikini on the ocean

Boho beach is very similar to Bohemian jewelry and boho chic the only difference is that rather than having a naturalistic theme to it, it has a beach theme. Its jewelry would heavily be focused on beads and sea and ocean-inspired elements, like starfish, some items may even contain seashells on them.
dancing boho girl on the beach

Boho beach jewelry is reflective of everything you love and enjoy about the beach; therefore, its themes and colors are also selected in accordance to that. Like the sun or the  color blue indicative of the ocean or perhaps the color of the blue clear sky up above.

The boho beach style is the lifestyle, it's when you wake up on Sunday morning, put on your bikini, wrap your boho beach bracelets and leave to seek your beach adventures, be that yoga on the seashore, cup of coffee in an ocean-front cafe or diving into the salty water of the ocean. And when you return back to the city, take the boho beach earrings with you to remind of those sunny beach days. 

Whatever style you chose you should keep in mind the theme that you are going when dressing up and it is always good to experiment with different styles of jewelry. Though it is highly unlikely that you’d go wrong with choosing the bohemian style since it is extremely trendy right now.  Gems and Peaches contains a variety with different price ranges making it easier for you to choose from.


boho girl on the beach playing guitar

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