Celebrities Jewelry Trends of 2018

When celebrities start wearing a piece of jewelry, that piece definitely becomes popular and desirable. Most of us want to follow the same trend that has been set by the celebrities. By following the celebrities style you can recreate the image and be that trendy fashionista girl. There are certain necklaces, earrings, and studs which become a trend.

If you want to know more about some of the jewelry pieces which are mostly worn by celebrities, read on:

Cartier Love Bracelet

Cartier Love Bracelet

This is the most popular piece of jewelry which could be a great trend in 2018. In this year, you will come across a number of celebrities who will wear this piece of jewelry. This jewelry piece was first designed in 1969 by Aldo Cipullo. The bracelet is often given as a gift to the loved ones. It costs over $3500, depending on the material it’s made out of. There is a special screwdriver which comes with this bracelet and the only way of opening this bracelet is by using this screwdriver.

Affordable alternatives: Classic Love BraceletCuff Love Bracelet

Jennifer Aniston wearing Cartier Love Bracelet

Hermes Collier de Chien Cuff Bracelet

Hermes Collier de Chien Cuff Bracelet

This Chien cuff bracelet is made following the design of a “dog collar”. This bracelet is made up of leather that has silver ruched spikes on it. It is both edgy and chunky. The retail price of these vintage bracelets is around $1700. This piece of jewelry has got a lot of exposure because there are a number of celebrities who wear this piece of jewelry. Celebrities are also seen to wear it especially on the red carpet events. This piece of jewelry looks perfect with skinny jeans and high heels. However, they also look great with certain thin fabrics like silk or chiffon.

Jessica Alba wearing Hermes Collier de Chien Cuff Bracelet

Chanel Camellia Ring

Constance Jablonski wearing Chanel Camellia Ring

Chanel Camelia Ring was first launched in the year 2009. From that time this ring has always been on the cover page of Marie Claire and Girlfriend Magazine. This ring was originally crafted in France. It was made using glass stones and metals. There is a camellia flower on this ring that makes it look so delicate and attractive. There are a number of celebrities who wear this ring for the red carpet events.

Affordable alternatives: Sparkle 3D Flower Cocktail Ring

1960 House of Harlow Black Triangle Resin Necklace

Vanessa Minnillo wearing 1960 House of Harlow Black Triangle Resin Necklace

This is a statement necklace that was made by the House of Harlow 1960. It has beautiful designs. It is made up of a 14-karat gold frilled palladium. This type of a necklace is ideal for wearing at cocktail parties. This type of necklace can also be worn during the daytime.

Affordable alternatives: Fashionable Geometric Necklace

Hermes Enamel Bracelet

Hermes Enamel Bracelet

This piece of jewelry has come from the house of Hermes. This is a metallic bracelet that is quite thin. It costs around $450. This bracelet is available in a variety of colors. Celebrities can choose the color that suits their personality. This is a very delicate bracelet and is perfect for wearing on a regular basis. You can wear it in a party as well.

Kourtney Kardashian wearing Hermes Enamel Bracelet

Layered Necklaces

Jessica Aniston wearing Layered Necklaces

Layered necklaces are extremely popular among women. You can be sure that you will be able to see a number of woman opting for chunky and bold necklaces in the year 2018. These necklaces are available in a variety of designs and colors. With these necklaces, you can make daintier chains look extremely delicate. If you layer these types of necklaces together they would look very attractive. Whenever you want to wear these necklaces the most important thing that you need to do is to wear it of different lengths. Mixing longer, thinner chains with finer and shorter chains will make you look very attractive.

Affordable alternatives: Layered Triangle Necklace

Stacking Bracelets

Anne Hathaway wearing Stacking Bracelets

You may use some casual bracelets and use it during the daytime. You can also wear these bracelets in the evening along with a classy dress. If you are interested to keep the neckline bare wearing these bracelets would be a great option. The stacking bracelets will definitely be the trend jewelry in the year 2018. You will surely be able to see a number of celebrities wearing these bracelets. In order to wear this style, you just need to look through your jewelry box to find bunch of options. You can mix and match these bracelets and add some vintage pieces to it for more sophistication and style.

Affordable alternatives: Stacking Beach Bracelets, Cuff Stacking Bracelets

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