3 steps to make this year’s resolution count

Half of the first month of the year has flown by and I did not got to my main New Years’ resolution yet - to get fit and look hot without clothes. Not a big deal. There’s always a tomorrow!

So tomorrow my new life begins! Like the lives of so many other want-to-look-good-in-my-bikini girls who made it difficult for themselves with the same resolutions.

  1. The plan is to start with the obvious - my obsession with croissants and apple pies, and any other pastries in the world. Eliminate! Out of sight, out of mind! That’s what took me so long, I’ve been finishing up the whole stack of snacks and emptying out the fridge. Our famous fitness and nutrition coaches tell us: “Don’t mess up your breakfast! Green shake is the way to go!” What’s with these weirdly-colored shakes and smoothies? The uglier the color, the healthier the smoothie! Who wants to drink it, especially in the morning? Ugh.. But hey, they say stick with it for 21 days, and you get yourself a healthy habit. Really though? I so doubt it. I am giving it a chance!
  2. The next obvious step is to get your butt to the gym! Daaah!!! How didn’t I think about it before? Well, I did. If you’re a dedicated and discipline girl, you have most likely allowed yourself to become slim and fit already. And if you’re like me, then you’d do anything to avoid going to that iron jungle of work-out machines and intimidating-looking trainers. The best way to start though is to merge with the fitness crowd. That’s when gemsandpeaches.com comes handy with the new sportswear line. I love the colors and stretchy breathable materials of the leggings and fun sports bras. New sexy and fun fitness outfit is the best way for me to get motivated.
  3. I figured that I am willing to include sport in my life only if I treat it as entertainment. So I would go to a gym if there was a reward for me after all the torture: a sauna, pool, or massage. Or the class has to be super fun and unusual like an aerial hammocks class, pilates reformer or bouldering. This makes me excited, makes me come back and look forward to it as if the performance takes place right in front of me and I am the integral part of it. I used ClassPass to get the variety of the local gyms and classes, so I can mix and match and never get bored or go broke from paying different monthly memberships.

Hey, good luck with this year’s resolutions and fun adventures! 


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