Top 10 Jewelry Trends of 2018 You Did Not Know About

The lifespan of a jewelry trend is very short. There are winners, and there are losers within six months. So a woman needs to stay ahead with trendy rings, earrings, bangles, necklaces and more. Update your jewelry pack with these 10 jewelry trends you did not know about.

Boho beach style jewelry


Currently, the Boho beach style jewelry is a red hot trend. For a Boho beach style inspired trend add a beach style shell choker and silver pendants to a beach wear. A necklace inspired by nature is usual for the Boho beach style and looks amazing on anyone’s skin. Wear this choker to the beach, a trendy festival, like Coachella, or any upcoming sunny destination trips.   

Flowers-inspired jewelry


Floral notes rings are straight from the flowers-inspired collection. It's all about large, cluster rings shaped like flowers or butterflies, encrusted with CZ crystals. The ring goes perfectly with a cocktail dress in floral design with look-alike patterns.

Stackable rings



When you have lots of rings, how can you show them all at once when you have got only ten fingers. The answer is stackable rings
There are endless possibilities whether you are searching stackable rings which are adequately dainty to fit several on a finger and or hefty statement pieces.  
You can experiment a different style by stacking few small gold bands to the top of bigger jeweled rings. Go for the rings that seem timeless, so it fits the style statement for the longer time.


Chokers and collars



Are the chokers made from plastic during the 90s still in your mind? No, we aren’t talking about including those on your jeweler list. However, you should absolutely consider buying a choker for your collection. They have already made a comeback and are a current hot trend. 
For you to remain trendy, find the pieces that last forever. There are lots of options such as sterling silver adorned with pearls or amethyst, or Cleopatra inspired style collars with rigid metal colors. There are also thin gold and silver chains which act as a choker which will work even when the trend updates.


Lengthy statement necklaces



Long statement necklace pieces are happening right now.  Also called a sautoir, lengthy statement necklaces usually come with chunky jewels alongside adornments. These pieces have survived centuries, and they will survive the current trend too. 
These necklaces make a strong statement if you use them at formal occasions or at casual settings too with silver necklaces over the gold selection. They are sure to catch everyone's eyes.


Multilayered necklaces 


For any outfit, you can wear necklaces whether the setting is formal or more casual. If you are trying to put in some depth to your dress, multi layered necklaces are perfect jewelry trend and are ‘in’ right now.
Try to go for thinner chains with different lengths. Mix them along with thicker necklaces for switching things a bit. Also, you can wear a choker with the layered necklaces. Don’t be afraid to try different combinations.

Mineral stones


Going for a natural look? Mineral stones pieces are perfect and are also trending at the moment. There are many mineral stones you can work with. For instance, red stones such as amethyst, quartz, or colored crystal go well with gold and sterling silver. These stones can easily fulfill an outfit and add the much-needed sparkle to your casual outfit. They can be found in earrings, rings, and bracelets or are integrated with necklaces.


Large hoop earrings


These earrings never go out of jewelry trends. You can select from lots of variations – larger or smaller and everything in between. Some have tiny adornments that give extra ‘bling’ to the ears. Go for the ones with lots of different elements, like beads and charms.




Tassels have become trendy recently. They are everywhere – in jewelry or handbags. Usually, they have minimized accessories up until now. There are options having tasseled fringe and beading and matches perfectly with casual as well as the formal outfit.

Mismatched earrings


Sometimes, when things don’t match in an outfit, it results in surprising jewelry fashion trend just like mismatched earrings
Go with only a large earring that is a long and delicate piece. For more bold fashion statement try a chunkier one. Also, you can pair with a sweet, timeless stud.  

Arm cuffs



You don't have to go very far for a fresher look this year as the arm cuff is already targeted by the fashion police. Snake-like cuffs will make you feel yourself like a Greek goddess or go with something fresh like the embellished thicker cuffs. 
If it's just a simple thing with few gold and silver bands or raising the ante alongside larger and bolder pieces, these arm cuffs will definitely define your fine jewelry trends taste.

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